Three Leak Seemingly Confirms the New HTC One's Official Name

By Tom Pritchard on at

We already know quite a bit about HTC's new flagship handset, but the one thing that has been kept very hush hush is the name. Luckily for those of you who had been losing sleep over it, we now know the phone's name thanks to a leak from Three. The Phone is to be called *drum roll* the HTC One M8.

Well we already knew that in a way, but it's nice to have some clarification that the M8 moniker isn't just a code name. M8 may not be the classiest name in the world, but it sure as hell beats 'HTC Two' or 'The All New HTC One'. I doubt it'll be long until someone creates a parody video featuring the HTC 'U Wot M8'.

That's not all, the leak also outed the much anticipated announcement date, and it's not far off. The HTC One M8 will be officially announced on the 25th March, just over a week from now. [CNet UK]