Twitch Livestreaming Hits Xbox One in Time for Titanfall's Tussles

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's been promised since launch, but Xbox One gamers will finally be able to livestream their best Ghosts headshots or FIFA 14 bicycle kicks from today, as Twitch livestreaming hits Microsoft's next-gen console.

A free service, last week's significant Xbox update actually laid the groundwork for Twitch support, meaning today players need only download the Twitch app and sign in with their details to begin using it.

Activating livestreaming in-game is done with a simple "Xbox, broadcast" voice command, while Twitch also supports picture-in-picture video playback while playing -- allowing you to check guides live guides and tips videos from other players if you get stuck. Notifications and private chat parties through the application are also supported.

Sony's PlayStation 4 has supported Twitch livestreaming since launch, and so it was vital that Microsoft activated the service itself ahead of the March 11th release of mech-shooter Titanfall, itself expected to be one of the most heavily-livestreamed games available for either console.

Xbox mouthpiece Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb talks through the update in the YouTube clip below. [Xbox News]