Twitter is Reportedly Testing a "Fave People" Timeline...for Your Favs

By Mario Aguilar on at

TechCrunch reports that Twitter is experimenting with a new version of timeline that allows you to browse a stream of tweets from your favourite accounts. If real, the new "Fave People" feature would mirror a similar feature on Facebook—and makes a lot of sense for helping you filter out the noise in your timeline.

The longer you use Twitter the more chaotic your feed gets. Eventually, it becomes a little too complicated to be constantly pruning your timeline. Personally, I've dealt with this problem by creating a list of accounts that more or less mirrors what the "Fave People" functionality does. The feature is pretty simple: you pick your faves. If someone starts pissing you off, you unfave them. It works much the way the "close friends" list on Facebook works. Thank god. I don't know what to do without hierarchy in my friendships. [TechCrunch]