WWW.? The World Wide Web Was Nearly Named TIM...After Berners-Lee Himself

By Gerald Lynch on at

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web. Its "www" abbreviation is today probably responsible for how tired-looking your "W" keyboard key is. But it could have all been very different. How's "The Information Mine" sound?

That was one potential early name for the web (alongside "The Mesh" and "Mine of Information"), as revealed by its inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee in a Reddit AMA session conducted to coincide with the anniversary. It seems only Berners-Lee's modesty prevented The Information Mine from being the final name, seeing as it would have been shorted to "tim" as the prefix to URLs. tim.gizmodo.co.uk, anyone?

It's a great AMA and well worth a full read, with Berners-Lee speaking candidly about everything from Edward Snowden to kitten videos. [Reddit]

Image Credit: Sir Tim Berners-Lee from Shutterstock.com