You'll Never Trip Over This in-Ground Solar Light

By Andrew Liszewski on at

They're the perfect accent to a well-manicured backyard, but the solar-powered lights dotting your gardens and walkways are just one misstep away from being accidentally destroyed. So Ikea's come up with the perfect solution, LED lights that you press into your lawn so that they're firmly stuck in the ground while still providing plenty of light.

In fact, you can probably even run over them with a lawnmower without any risk of the cutting blade making contact with the tiny lights.

In full sunlight they need about nine hours to recharge, and on a cloudy day they'll need well over twelve. But when their single AA rechargeable battery's full, these £7 lights will glow for twelve hours straight. If only they could be used in and around the home without destroying the wall plaster. [Ikea]