You've Never Truly Appreciated Cheese on Toast Until it Has Been Delivered by Parachute

By Gerald Lynch on at

You're au fait with fast food, but what about flying food? Soaring in like an edible, melty paratrooper is a cheesy toasted treat delivered by parachute courtesy of Jafflechute.

An Australian-born pop-up dining concept (a "Jaffle" is the Aussie slang for a sandwich grill) founders David McDonald and Adam Grant take orders for cheese and ham or cheese and tomato toasties over PayPal, and then send the customer a delivery spot. An "X" on the ground literally marks where they should (wind-permitting) find the snack fluttering to the ground, held aloft by a parachute as the Jafflechute team hurl the sandwich from a nearby window. Great fun, right? Yep, until some poor bald sod has melted cheese, hotter than the fires of the sun, splat onto his head. [Jafflechutes via Klaus and FritzPSFK]