Zoe Will Return for HTC One M8-Captured Training Montages

By Gerald Lynch on at

Another day, another HTC-sanctioned teaser ahead of the company's March 25 launch for the HTC One M8. Today, it's all about the Zoe camera system.

You should know the drill by now -- in this video, HTC talks up the returning Zoe camera feature, hinting that it'll be back for this year's flagship, but keeps tight-lipped over the specifics. Zoe previously let users shoot a series of photos or videos, before having them automatically edited up into a montage "moment" clip showcasing a day's events. If the leaked specs are anything to go by, the new HTC One's Zoe clips will be full of improved low-light photos with fancy depth of field effects added, facilitated by the inclusion of a second rear camera sensor on the smartphone. [HTC (YouTube)]