21 of the Best Cases to Guard Your Samsung Galaxy S5

By Spencer Hart on at

Along with one of the biggest phone releases this year, the Samsung Galaxy S5, the usual flurry of cases are also being announced to defend your new pocket pal. With a more solid design than its predecessor and the inclusion of a waterproof and dustproof rating of IP67, there is no question that the S5 is a durable phone -- but will that stop an errant key or coin creating what might-as-well-be the Grand Canyon on the back of your phone?

No! So here are 20 of the best cases to keep your brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 in perfect condition.

1.) Samsung Wireless Charging Case

What’s the point of having a case that only does one thing? This official Samsung case adds wireless charging to your phone’s arsenal of abilities and the intelligent S-View feature lets users read messages, answer calls, listen to music and take pictures without needing to open the case. Available in black and white. [Amazon]

2.) Trident Aegis

In mythology Aegis wore armour strong enough to withstand a lightning strike from Zeus -- I’m not sure this case will protect your S5 from Zeus -- but its soft silicon lining and tough polycarbonate shell will protect it incase it falls from your pocket. Available in red, blue, green and black. [Amazon]

3.) Spigen Ultra Fit Capsule

The Ultra Fit Capsule looks as sophisticated as a smoking jacket or a luxury car interior. It provides a soft, comfortable grip and adds shock protection while keeping your phone light and slim. Available in metal slate, grey and clear. [Amazon]

4.) Griffin Survivor

The Griffin Survivor uses tough rubber edges and a clear polycarbonate back to protect your phone while still showing off its design and materials. Griffin claims the S5 survived repeated drops from height of two metres onto a hard concrete floor. This should provide peace of mind for even the most rugged user. [Amazon]

5.) Case-Mate Barely There

If you want to protect your phone but don’t fancy spoiling the design by adding extra bulk, then Case-Mate’s Barely There has you covered. Offering protection from scratches and low impact dents, the case also includes a raised bezel to protect your phone’s screen when it's face-down. It comes with a one year warranty. Available in black, silver and clear. [Amazon]

6.) Tech 21 Impact Shell

If you love made-up scientific sounding marketing jargon, you’ll love this case from Tech 21 which features "advanced Impactology Technology". It offers rear and corner protection made from D30; a shock resistant material which hardens on impact. Available in clear or smoke black. [Amazon]

7.) Incipio Feather Case

With its smooth, rounded design I think the Incipio Feather case actually improves the look of the Galaxy S5. Made from polycarbonate just 1mm thick the Feather case will protect your phone from scratches without adding a lot of extra bulk. Available in cyan, grey, pink, purple, yellow or black. [Amazon]

8.) Otterbox Defender

For the most outdoorsy (or clumsy) phone owners the Otterbox Defender is the best possible case for you. Featuring all-round protection (including the screen) with three layers of defence meaning nothing is going to break your new pride and joy. Otterbox even allows you to customise the case by selecting the colour of each layer. [Amazon]

9.) ROCK Side Flip Case

The ROCK Side Flip case is a colourful take on the Samsung S-View Cover -- allowing you to read messages and answer calls without opening the case. Offering a decent amount of protection from scratches this case is sure to brighten up your day. Available in red, blue, black, yellow and champagne gold. [Buy for £14.99]

10.) Flexiframe Bumper Case

Flexiframe’s bumper case will protect the edges of your phone in the event of a drop while leaving the back open to the elements -- perfect if you like the natural feel of the wind brushing up against your phone. Available in black and white. [Buy for £7.99]

11.) Speck CandyShell

Speck is offering a range of colourful, well-designed cases which utilise dual-layer protection and scratch resistant graphics -- because don’t you hate it when the case you’re using to protect your phone from scratches, gets scratched? Available in several designs and colours. [Amazon]

12.) Case-Mate Wallet Folio

This case radiates class and sophistication. Satisfy your debonair side by buying this case and using it to look important while playing 2048 on the train. This folio case is crafted from high-quality leather and comes with a one year warranty. [Amazon]

13.) Ringke SLIM

What Ringke's SLIM case for the Samsung S5 lacks in particularly original design, it makes up for in how well it has been designed to provide brilliant protection for your phone. Careful design has gone into making a case that is a slim, yet as durable, as possible. It comes in 10 different design options, seen above and cost £25. You even get a free screen protector thrown in. [Buy from Amazon]

14.) JKase Diablo

This one is for those whose relationship with their phone is more like that of an overprotective parent and a child. The JKase Diablo is made from a combination rubberised thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate plastic to create a rugged phone that also, apparently, feels comfortable in the hand. Attached to the back is a little kickstand, freeing up your hands while you watch videos for all that manly stuff you definitely do if you own this thing. Three colour options available, for just £4.99 apiece. [Buy from Amazon]

15.) Spigen Tough Armor Series

Both good-looking and rugged, Spigen's Tough Armor S5 cases use Air Cushion Technology to make the design as slim as possible, while also providing maximum protection. It comes in gunmetal, seen above, and copper gold – each for £17.99. [Buy from eBay]

16.) CAT Caterpillar Active Urban Case

CAT, famed makers of all things durable, heavy-duty, and massive, offers this next design. The rugged Galaxy S5 case features anodised metal sides and impact resistant SAIF material to keep your device as safe as possible, while the the exterior-look mimics the treads on some of their huge earth-moving equipment – a nice touch for the engineering fan out there. You can get it now for £24.99. [Buy from Amazon]

17.) Urban Armor Gear

Urban Armor's composite case blends a hard outer shell with a soft impact-resistant core, which makes for a 'featherlight' construction. For the screen, it comes bundled with a HD screen protector kit to help fight the never-ending battle against scratches. Prices range from £17.16 to £22.12, depending on colour choice, while they RRP at £30. [Buy from Amazon]

18.) Ballistic Tough Jacket

This monochrome number by Ballistic features those four enlarged corner-bumpers that will give high-impact shock resistance from a height of six feet. It is made up of multiple layers, and has raised lip edges to keep the screen from meeting surfaces on which you place the phone. Peace of mind comes at the cost of £24.40. [Buy from Amazon]

19.) Fuel iON

The Fuel iON case and charger combination means you can both protect your phone and wirelessly charge it at the same time. The dock on which the phone sits is magnetic, which helps hold the phone in place while also wirelessly charging it. The kit on sale at Carphone Warehouse includes the car adapter seen in the above picture, the case and the magnetic dock – all for £99.99. [Buy from Carphone Warehouse]

20.) Ringke Fusion

Another one from the folks at Ringke, this clear case gives all the protection you want, while letting the original aesthetics of the S5 ring through. It RRPs for £24.99, but is currently listed as £8.99 on Amazon. [Buy from Amazon]

21.) Man&Wood Sai Sai

All the cases shown here have up until now lacked prior experience of being a tree. Not so with this lovely number by Man&Wood, which as well as being real-wood, also provides all the bump and scrape protection you need for phone-owner peace of mind. More wood options available. [Buy the Man&Wood Sai Sai Case for £14.99]