A Cloud-Based Future is Sky TV's 'Project Ethan'

By Gerald Lynch on at

It may be the most comprehensive offering in over-the-air subscription TV, but Sky's online services still pale in comparison to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. But change is on its way at BSkyB, with a new initiative called 'Project Ethan' looking to shift the focus to cloud-based programming.

According to the Telegraph, Project Ethan would allow for cloud-based Sky+ recordings, taking the strain off local hardware and letting remote data centres handle a viewer's stored shows and movies. It essentially would allow Sky to offer a service comparable to Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, letting viewers access shows from any device and bookmarking paused points to be picked up again across any gadget supporting the platform. It's said to be Sky's major concern at the moment, with an aim to have the functionality of Project Ethan working across Sky packages within two years.

The report also states that Sky is progressing quickly with its 4K plans, with a new set-top box supporting 4K output said to be in the works. [Telegraph]