A Cup of Earl Grey Tea Might Save Your Life

By Gerald Lynch on at

You may sing from the hilltops the virtues of a good mug of PG Tips or Tetley's, but if you consider a cuppa a lifesaver in the mornings, you might want to posh up your brew with a few Earl Grey teabags instead. Researchers now believe that the beverage could help massively in the fight against heart disease.

A team from the Italian University of Calabria studied the tea's leaves, which are mixed with extracts from the bergamot fruit. Bergamot contains enzymes known as hydroxy methyl glutaryl flavonones, which have been proven to treat heart disease as effectively as prescription drug statins. The enzyme reduces "bad" cholesterol LDL, and increases the production of "good" cholesterol HDL, without the side-effects that statins are known to lead to. Keep those digestives in the biscuit tin and a cup or two a day may help those suffering from heart and blood-pressure problems. [Mirror]

Image Credit: Tea time from Shutterstock.com