A Delicious Yoga Bag That Inspires You to Make Room for More Calories

By Andrew Liszewski on at

For some people, exercise and working out is a way to keep their bodies fit and trim. But for most of us, it's just a way to feel less guilty when we overindulge. So to stay inspired to make it all the way through your next yoga class, keep your gear in this giant burrito bag that provides a delicious-looking reminder of just one of the indulgences you're working towards.

A Delicious Yoga Bag That Inspires You To Make Room For More Calories

For £28, it's made from 100 per cent cotton and has interior pockets for keeping your wallet, phone, and keys safe while you're stretching and contorting. And just to be completely clear here, the bag isn't actually edible or filled with mounds of sour cream and beans. You're of course welcome to fill it with whatever you want, but yoga gear is probably the only recommended ingredient. [Etsy via Foodbeast]