A New Document Details Apple's Supposed Concern Over Competitors

By Tom Pritchard on at

In a recent ongoing trial between Apple and Samsung, an interesting document was brought up as evidence -- a document that noted concern about Apple's decreased share of the mobile phone market.

The document purportedly comes from Apple's sales team, noting that the constant improvement of competitor ecosystems, along with Apple's lack of a mid-range device were reason enough to be wary. The document also mentioned the "obscene" amounts of competitor marketing and the potential for network disinterest (since they had to pay high subsidies for iPhones). Also pertinent was a mention of larger devices over a $300 (£180) price point and phones that cost less than $300, declaring that they may be eating into Apple's sales.

Senior VP of Apple's marketing, Phil Schiller, refuted the document, claiming it is not something he agreed with, and it in no way represents Apple's policy. Samsung may not have been directly mentioned, but it is rather obvious that they bear some of Apple's focus.

If the document is accurate, it could show that some in the ranks of Apple are starting to realise they might not be leading the smartphone market for much longer. What do you think, does Apple have any cause for concern? [Slashgear]