A Slimline Galaxy S5 Zoom Could Make the Phone Part of the S4 Zoom Frankencamera Useful

By Gerald Lynch on at

A tip of the hat is in order for Samsung's brave Galaxy S4 Zoom camera-smartphone mash-up attempt, which fused an optical zoom camera lens with the guts of an Android phone. A pity then it was so ugly. For its next trick, Samsung is rumoured to be working on the Galaxy S5 Zoom cameraphone, and is making it look more like, well, a phone.

A leaked image, said to be of the new photography-orientated take on Samsung's latest flagship, shows a rear casing that sports far less of a bulge than that of the hefty Galaxy S4 Zoom. The zoom lens appears to sit a bit more cleanly within the chassis, while the protruding grip has been removed altogether. The leaker also points to a 20MP sensor, 10x zoom and NFC, on top of earlier rumours of a 4.8-inch 720p display and Samsung's own Exynos 5 six-core processor, running Android KitKat.

All this has to be taken with a pinch of salt, of course -- the leak comes from a source we're not familiar with, and as you'd expect there's been no confirmation from Samsung itself. However, we all know how much Samsung loves churning out the variants, and with Nokia, Sony and HTC all heavily pushing their smartphone camera tech as key selling points, you'd expect Samsung to have an answer. [GottaBeMobile, K Zoom]