Alleged iPhone 6 Internal Organs Leaked in Bizarre "Schematics" Illustrations

By Gary Cutlack on at

Do you want to know what the internal proportions of the next iPhone may be like? Will you only consider purchasing it if the battery compartment is aligned in an attractive manner? If so, check this out; images that claim to be "schematics" of the iPhone 6. Will they make for a phone as slick as the concept above?

The design docs, which mean virtually nothing to the untrained eye not versed in CAD and Chinese, show that the next iPhone may be similar in shape to a rectangle. The arrows in the 3D CAD drawing are pointing at key features, features that may or may not be in the current model. The round things in the top-left of the CAD drawing could be free sweets Apple is planning to bundle with the phone, in an attempt to break into the pre-school market. We just don't know.

It means very little but is all very exciting. Yell yourself it is exciting five times and you might start to believe it. [G for Games via Slashgear]