Amazon's Fire TV Will Double as a Gaming Powerhouse

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Amazon has finally announced its answer to Apple TV/Chromecast/Roku in the form of Fire TV. But it's not stopping at streaming. Amazon's taking on the gaming world, too.

Apparently, Amazon will be bring in thousands of games from "some of the biggest developers" including Disney and EA. And no you won't be stuck using that tiny controller (although you can if you're a masochist)—Amazon has introduced their very own game controller. Of course, you'll have to shell out $40 for it (in addition to the $100 for the box itself -- UK pricing and availability to follow), but that does at least give you 1,000 Amazon coins, to boot. Which will actually be helpful! Games will be coming to you at about $1.85 a pop -- that's roughly £1.11.

As for the games themselves, you'll be seeing the likes of Minecraft, Monsters' University, Asphalt 8, Sev Zero, and Tower Defense. In addition to the controller, you'll be able to sling games from any of your mobile devices onto your TV and still control them from the device itself.