AMD's New Radeon is a Preposterous Powerhouse You'll Wish You Needed

By Eric Limer on at

If you buy video cards, chances are you have a lust for power. No respectable PC builder doesn't at least covet insane high-end cards, even without ever really considering them. Well here's a new sucker to salivate at, the 11.5 teraflop, water-cooled AMD Radeon R9 295X2. The new coolest card you have no reason to own.

Tricked out for 4K gaming (which not too many games support, and which also requires a multi-thousand pound monitor you also can't afford or at least should think twice about buying) the AMD Radeon R9 295X2 offers 8GB of video GDDR5 RAM alongside its whisper-quiet cooling system and insane compute power.

AMD's New Radeon Is a Preposterous Powerhouse You'll Wish You Needed

The R9 295x2 comes fully-assembled with its water-pipes in place and launches this week. While UK prices haven't yet been revealed, we do know that the UK price will be "just" $1500. Granted, $1,500 is far more than you need to spend on a card, but it's half the price of the $3,000 Nvidia Titan Z that boasts 12GB of video RAM but a "mere" 8 teraflops of compute. Rest-assured you won't be needing either. But just imagine how awesome it would be if you had an excuse.