Are You Self-Employed and Hating it Like 450,000 Others in the UK?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The supposedly relaxing life of the self-employed modern worker isn't working out well for some, with stats suggesting around 450,000 of the UK's newly self-employed population would rather have normal regular jobs. Jobs where someone else does the bloody taxes and fixes your computer.

According to data compiled by Resolution Foundation, the rise in the UK's self-employed workforce is due to many simply having no choice in the matter. Unable to find full-time work or positions that suit their skills now the UK economy is based entirely around selling coffee and charity shops, people are becoming self-employed as a fall back position rather than by choice.

As a result, many aren't happy about it. A poll carried out by Ipsos Mori for RF suggests that around a quarter of those who've become self-employed in the last five years would prefer a normal day job kind of job, which could mean that as many as 450,000 homeworkers across the UK would rather spend eight hours on someone else's internet all day instead.

The self-employed world isn't for everyone. The lack of the bolted-on social life that comes from working with others is a big killer for some, as sitting around at home on your own all day can be mentally tough if you're the social type. Fluctuating income, responsibility for doing your own taxes and many more woes can make the be-your-own-boss dream quickly turn into a nightmare, plus skiving on the internet isn't the same when it's your own time you're wasting.

Are you self-employed? And if so, is it by choice or because it's either eke out your own living or sign on? [Independent]

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