Attention Nerf Herders: Looks Like Chewbacca is Coming Back to the Big Screen

By Tom Pritchard on at

Star Wars fans rejoice! As filming on Episode VII begins it's been confirmed that everybody's favourite big walking carpet will be returning for another adventure in a galaxy far far away. That's right, we're going to see more of Chewbacca.

The announcement does bring up questions about the canonicity of the existing Star Wars expanded universe, something that has been a concern amongst fans since the announcement of the new trilogy. I'm specifically talking about the 1999 novel Vector Prime, which saw Chewbacca die after having a planet dropped on him (quite literally). But considering Chewbacca is one of the most beloved Star Wars characters, I doubt people will mind.

Chewbacca will once again be played by Peter Mayhew, who first played the role nearly 40 years ago. I'm hoping that the presence of Mayhew and Harrison Ford will mean we'll be seeing them both aboard the Millennium Falcon for more space-faring adventures. [THR via Total Film]