Average Commuter Pays a Depressing £50,000 a Lifetime to Get to Work

By Gary Cutlack on at

The miserable part of the day when we're surrounded by sad men playing games about organising fruit on massive telephones is costing us dear, with one survey suggesting the average UK commuter blows £50k over the course of a lifetime on travelling to work. And of course it's more for people in London.

The stats, compiled by money site Nutmeg, claim we spend a national average of 10,634 hours between the ages of 18 and 65 grimacing in some sort of automated carriage, with Londoners upping that just over 13,000 hours -- that's over one and a half entire years spent trying to find something interesting to read about in Metro.

The average London commute is said to be a mind-numbing one hour and 14 minutes, whereas workers in Liverpool escape with handing over a relatively bearable 42 minutes of their lives per day to sitting in various travel networks. [MSN]