Bank of England Putting Hackers (Those Digital Bank Robbers!) on the Payroll

By Chris Mills on at

In the 1992 movie Sneakers, a team of ex-hackers have turned good, and earn their money by breaking in banks and humiliating the poor security guards who were just trying to watch some TV. The Bank of England must've caught a recent re-run, as they've announced a programme of 'ethical hacking' to test banking security systems in the UK.

According to the Financial Times (paywall), the Bank of England is going to oversee a programme that will involve white-hat hackers from CREST-certified companies (the good guys, basically) 'penetration testing' the systems of the UK's 20 biggest banking institutions: hammering the networks until they break, in other words, and then seeing where the cracks were.

The tests follow a 2013 exercise called "Waking Shark II", which saw 220 hackers and 20 banks role-playing a scenario involving a major cyber-attack. Presumably, the new scheme will offer the same kind of realistic testing, but with less ominous-sounding code-names, and on a more day-to-day basis. [Financial Times via TechRadar]

Image credit: Bank of England from Shutterstock