Best. Consumer Brand Crossover. Ever. The Simpsons Lego Episode Trailer Lands

By Gary Cutlack on at

On May 4th people who haven't watched The Simpsons for a decade may be tempted back in for one last viewing, as that's the date the Lego crossover airs in the US. The convoluted reason it happens is as yet unknown, but it happens. Lego Homer. Lego Marge. Children's brains will EXPLODE.

The teaser refers to the episode as a Lego Spectacular, due as part of the celebrations surrounding the show's 25th anniversary. Titled 'Brick Like Me', the episode will be the same length as usual, and looks to be animated in the standard manner, rather than being a CG-fest like the recent Lego film. [YouTube via Slashgear]