Bitcoin Debit Card May Take Virtual Money to the High Street

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bitcoin wallet provider Xapo reckons it's about to make Bitcoin use substantially easier, by teaming up with your more established form of banks to create a Mastercard-branded credit card that'll let you blow your virtual money in actual shops.

The problem seems to be that no one's told Mastercard about this arrangement. Speaking to Gigaom, a Mastercard representative said the company has "no relationship" with Xapo and that the Bitcoin management team's claims are therefore a little on the vapourware side of things.

However, Xapo says it uses a partner bank to authorise the transactions and thinks its debit card will be ready for use within a couple of months, and is encouraging users to sign up for it right now. There's just the little matter of making it work to sort out. [Xapo via Gigaom]