BT's Rural Broadband Plans Criticised by MPs for Lacking Useful Details

By Gary Cutlack on at

The complex plan to wire up the messier rural parts of the country have been criticised by a group of MPs again, who say that BT's failing to provide accurate future coverage and speed data and also accuse it of altering plans to freeze out the competition.

The report by the Public Accounts Committee says the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has let BT get away with masking some of the costs involved behind non-disclosure agreements, also alleging that the lack of detailed coverage maps has let BT "crowd out" possible alternative suppliers and stopped others from entering the broadband market.

The PAC report is really quite aggressive, accusing BT of "exploiting its monopoly position to the detriment of the taxpayer" and reveals that it has has asked the DCMS to gather together and publish detailed costs of the BDUK scheme, so the taxpayer can see if it's getting value for money from the national broadband push.

In response, BT said: "It is frustrating that the committee continues to try and pick holes in the programme rather than recognise the wider value and benefits it is delivering." [BBC]