Can You Guess The Most Bizarre Insurance Claim From Last Year?

By Chris Mills on at

The lesson from this year's list of the weirdest insurance claims? Don't, under any circumstances, lock a badger in a shed, or let a baby near your laptop.

By far and away my favourite on the list (compiled by insurance company RIAS) is the Guildford grandfather who held up a baby, Simba-style, to show off over Skype, only to have the poor thing vomit all over the laptop (cost: £437).

Babies didn't feature as highly as animals, though, who were responsible for things like destroying a shed after becoming locked inside, or the snail which ate through a carpet, resulting in a whopping £72 of damage. If you're the sort of person who revels in others' misfortune, you can view the full list here. [Moneywise]

Image credit: Shed from Shutterstock