Chessington Poo: World of Adventures Begins Selling Rhino Dung on eBay

By Gerald Lynch on at

There are souvenirs, and then there are souvenirs. If you fell in love with Chessington World of Adventures' rhinos the last time you visited the theme park's zoo, head over to eBay; there, for a reasonable £9.99, you can pick up a bag of genuine rhino poo, straight from the park. Perfect for a long weekend full of gardening (and testing the effectiveness of any nose pegs you may have lying around).

It's a perfectly timed stunt by the Chessington World of Adventure's PR team. Not only has it brought attention to the theme park just as the Easter break begins, it also ties in nicely with the launch of the BBC's latest reality show The Big Allotment Challenge, pulling in 2.5 million viewers (half of whom were probably watching out of disbelief that such a show could have been commissioned in the first place). [PrExamples]

Image Credit: Black Rhinoceros cow and calf walking away in Etosha desert from