Chinese Firm 3D-Prints Ten Houses in a Day

By Chris Mills on at

While the Western world has been getting in a tizzy over all the pros and cons of 3-D printing, the Chinese have quietly leapfrogged us all, and 3-D printed ten full houses in 24 hours -- and they only look a little bit like garden sheds.

The company, WinSun, used a bunch of giant 10m x 6.6m printers to spray their building material, a mixture of cement and construction leftovers, into the shape of a house. Because of the low cost, lack of labour (and fact that the inside looks startlingly like a prison cell), each house costs a fairly pitiful £3,000 or so.

Owing to regulations (thanks, governments!), the houses had to be single-story, but the company's optimistic that 3-D printed skyscrapers may become reality one day. It's an interesting look at some of the bigger applications for 3-D printing, outside of the plastic-only pigeonhole it seems to be stuck in at the moment. [BBC]

Image credit: 3Dprinterplans