Commuter Cashback Scheme May Encourage Londoners to Walk or Bike to Work

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's Mayor is open to considering a scheme that would enhance the part-time travelcard scheme with new incentives for commuters, including a plan that could hand out cash rebates on season tickets for days when travellers dare to cycle or walk instead.

The scheme, if it's stamped into being by the Mayor, could earn the user of a zone 1-6 travelcard a refund of £310.50 for opting to cycle to work once a week, although there's no detail given on how someone would prove they biked all the way in and didn't just wear tight shorts on the tube.

The idea comes in a report put together by the London Assembly tories, who suggest that: "These annual commuter refunds will encourage regular cycling and walking, and put cash back into your pocket for making those healthy choices. We have a once in a generation opportunity to fundamentally reform our patterns of work and how we travel."

The Mayor says he would "welcome more detailed proposals" on how it would work and is quite open to the refund option being added to the part-time travelcards that will appear in 2015. [Standard]