Descend Into the Weird, Dark World of Unseen YouTube Videos

By Ashley Feinberg on at

With 100 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, no one human being will ever be able to bear witness to even a fraction of YouTube's plentiful bounty. But now, thanks to Petit Tube, we can at least graze the surface of all the weird, wonderful, an often disturbing clips that might otherwise have never been seen by human eyes.

Of course, the concept isn't entirely new; a similar service meant to dredge up the neglected gems of Spotify appeared just about a month ago. Still, YouTube is a beast unlike any other—a bizarre, adorable, mildly racist beast. So proceed with caution; you never know what Petit Tube might find.

To give you a taste of what your journey into the internet's seedy underbelly holds, ours started with this mythical armour fashion show.

Followed by the greatest party you could ever hope to attend.

Of course, every internet traveller's path is different, and we fully encourage you to embark on the journey for yourself. Godspeed. [ via The Daily Dot]