Dyson Imagines Massive Floating Rubbish Vacuum to Suck up Man's Plastic Crap

By Gary Cutlack on at

James Dyson's sketched out the idea of a new form of sucking machine, one so large it requires a barge to house it. The idea being to set it free and let it "mine" rivers of all the floating plastic junk that's been chucked into them since man first invented plastics.

The potential M.V. Recyclone barge would unfurl nets and pull back them in laden with trash, separating and shredding plastic waste as it comes in, for eventual recycling. This large-scale Roomba is only a concept at the moment though, with Dyson taking the opportunity to promote his cyclonic home vacuum tech in his design brief. So it's unlikely to be fishing for your Lilt bottles any time soon. [FastCo via The Verge]