Dyson to Open Giant New R&D Facility in Wiltshire

By Gerald Lynch on at

Dyson, of fancy bagless vacuum cleaner, sci-fi standing heaters and blow-your-flesh-off hand drier fame, is looking to open a large new research and development campus in Wiltshire.

The £250 million compound will allow Dyson to significantly expand its cutting-edge tech development, which now includes a robotics research arm. The Wiltshire site will pull together four different units in one location, allowing Dyson to further capitalise on its existing strong ties with UK university research teams.

Dyson already employs 1,700 engineers, making up a third of its workforce. Once the new research and development facility is up and running, it could lead to as many as 3,000 new science and tech research roles opening up at the company. [Engadget]