Edward Snowden is a "Self-Publicising Narcissist" and is Guilty of Treason, Says Top Tory

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's former defence secretary Liam Fox has gone on a bit of a public rampage regarding Edward Snowden's password protected ZIP file of shame, suggesting Ed and his leaks and those who published them are guilty of treason.

The comments come via The Times, with Fox also suggesting the Guardian was "pathetically amateur" in its handling of the ongoing series of surveillance leaks, and going on to claim that the security breach may have somehow helped in Putin's decision to grab a bit more land for his garden out in the Crimea.

A clearly still furious Fox ranted: "Let us not imbue his cowardice with higher motives ... Let us be clear to the American people and their allies about the threats they now face from enemies inside and out, terrorist and criminal. For once, let’s say what we mean. Let us call treason by its name." [The Times via Independent]