EE Boss: "3G Contracts are Still Safe"

By Gary Cutlack on at

The gradual disappearance of the Orange mobile brand here in the UK shouldn't mean the end of 3G-only contracts, according to EE boss Olaf Swantee, who says T-Mobile and Orange users won't be shuffled onto EE deals for the foreseeable future. Which is for the best, given 4G's relatively childlike footprint across the UK.

Swantee said: "...we have millions of customers on Orange and T-Mobile accounts and we will continue to serve those and sell to them," despite the fact that around 50 per cent of new and renewing Orange and T-Mobile customers are apparently taking a 4G option along with their new SIMs.

Playing it extremely cool and acting un-bothered by the rush to 4G, Swantee said of his 3G customers: "If they want to stay on an existing account that is fine; if they want to move to 4G they get additional benefits." [Telegraph]