EE Channels Glastonbury's Hippy Spirit With Festival Power Bar Charger

By Gerald Lynch on at

The modern festival experience is an exercise in compromise. On the one hand, you've got a load of great bands spread across a dozen or more stages to enjoy. On the other, your social-media-Instagram-selfie-posting addiction means that, in order to digitally document the occasion with a limited smartphone battery life, you have to juggle charging station queues with down-the-front freak outs. This wasn't the future the original Glastonbury hippies fought for, or something.

EE's Festival Power Bar charger looks to end this dilemma at this year's Glastonbury festival. It is, essentially, a standard portable battery pack. However, EE is pairing it with a clever service that will see it replace depleted Power Bars on site with fully-charged ones at designated points, instantly. You get a freshly-juiced pack without having to queue, and EE's team retains your old one, re-charging it for the next customer, like some sort of tech-savvy Circle of Life. While there's likely an array of mammoth generators recharging the Power Bars, preventing them from being truly green, there's something fittingly communal about the whole thing. The Festival Power Bars are on sale now, priced at £20. [EE]