EE, T-Mobile and Orange Award Themselves 2.7 Per Cent Contract Pay Rise

By Gary Cutlack on at

The mobile conglomerate responsible for running EE, Orange and T-Mobile in the UK is god-damn SICK of bravely protecting us from supplier price rises and inflationary pressures, and has finally, despairingly, decided it's time to pass a 2.7 per cent cost increase on to its users.

The cut-off date is 23rd January 2014. If you signed up to one of the three networks after that date you escape, but those on pay monthly contracts that started before then have to pay the increase. The 2.7 per cent figure is totally out of the networks' control too, as it's based on the UK's Retail Price Index as published by the Office for National Statistics. Which means subscribers are barred from cancelling their contracts in a rage, as the standard small print says RPI raises are fine. So you're stuck with it.

Some out of allowance calls and those placed to 08 numbers are also changing. [EE via Cnet]