Elvis Presley's Fake Tooth is to Tour the UK

By Gerald Lynch on at

Elvis only made one publicly recorded visit to the British Isles (two if you're a conspiracy theorist), making a brief stopover in Ayrshire to refuel his plane at Prestwick airport in 1960. But the late king of rock 'n' roll will be revisiting these shores over the next two months. Or at least part of him, anyway -- Presley's false tooth is setting out on a UK tour.

The, ahem, King's crown, will be showcased at sites up and down the country, kicking off today at the Beacon Dental Care centre in Malvern before finishing up at Hull's Castle Park Dental practice on the 17th of June as part of an 11-stop tour. The aim is to raise awareness of oral cancer. Alongside the peculiar artefact, visitors will also be able to get free mouth cancer screenings.

The tooth, created by Presley's dentist Henry J Weiss in the 1970s, was bought by "self-confessed tooth-collection obsessive" Michael Zuk for £6,500 a few years back. Now that guy's a character -- if you've time, look him up: he's already bought one of John Lennon's teeth with the aim of cloning him from its DNA, to raise the dead Beatle as his son. At this rate he'll have a whole undead rockstar army behind him. [BBC]