Enterprising Club Owners are Charging for a Glimpse of Banksy's New Smartphone Lovers Piece

By Gerald Lynch on at

Banksy artworks -- you wait an age for one then two come along at once. Hot on the heels of the urban artist's GCHQ phone-tapping piece comes this exploration of modern love, found on a plywood door outside the Broad Plains Boys Club in Bristol.

Except it's not on the outside of the club anymore. The site's owners swiftly took a crowbar to the work, pulling it inside and requesting a donation be made by anyone wishing to come inside and have a look.

"We're open all the time, day and night, so people can come and see it for a small donation," Gordon Powell, a youth worker from the club told the BBC.

"The club is 120 years old and we need £120,000 to keep the club open. There's a massive wall he [Banksy] could have done it on but he didn't, so we think he did it to help us raise the money."

The spray-painted stencil work sees a man and a woman sharing a cold embrace, each more interested in their smartphones instead of each other. Recent research from the University College London put bedside smartphones and tablets at the root of falling libido levels for Brits. [BBC]

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