European Mobile Data Charges Will be Scrapped From 2015

By Gerald Lynch on at

Planning a trip across Europe for 2015? Well you can knock sorting out roaming packages from your to-do list. Members of the European Parliament have today agreed a ban on mobile network roaming fees across the continent. Croissants and paella for all!

While each country will individually have to approve the new rules, it's unlikely any will do so, with the ban on roaming charges likely to be finalised across the EU between September and October. In other words, unless you're headed off to Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or the Balkans, you're good to call, tweet, download, text and browse to your hearts content, at the rates you're used to at home.

But this new freedom may come at a price -- networks are unsurprisingly miffed at this decision, and have warned that an increase in domestic rates will likely follow as a result. [Buzzfeed]