Even "Casual" Marijuana Use Can Knacker Bits of Your Brain

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest bit of research into smoking things bought off men in car parks and betting shops is in, with medics suggesting that even a once or twice a week dope habit can cause "abnormalities" in memory abilities.

Dr. Hans Breiter, one of the authors of the study, says the association between heavy marijuana use and some brain issues led the team to see what light or casual use might do, with the MRI test results on a sample of 20 casual users showing that: "...all three measures were abnormal, and they were abnormal in a dose-dependent way, meaning the changes were greater with the amount of marijuana used."

The doctor's team found that the amygdala, part of the brain associated with memory and decision making, had "abnormalities for shape and density" in the brains of the casual smokers when compared with the non-users, a fact Beiter says could be a "significant problem" for the mental development of even lightweight users. [Fox]

Image credit: Marijuana from Shutterstock