External Storage Support is "Coming Soon" to Xbox One

By Gerald Lynch on at

With both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 requiring mandatory game installations, and most titles in excess of 10GB, each console's 500GB built-in hard drive looked stingy from the start.

Though users can install larger alternative drives inside the PlayStation 4 themselves, the same can't be done with the Xbox One. Instead, Microsoft promised that external drives would be supported by the console, and that's a promise that's being made good on. Xbox mouthpiece Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb took to Reddit to announce that  work is underway, with the feature "coming soon".

Game installs will definitely be supported by the sounds of things, but other media is still being worked on, as is any potential storage drive type or capacity limitations. Major Nelson didn't offer a launch date for the feature, but with the April update already detailed, I'd imagine this to be a few months away at best.

Answering questions from the site's users, Hryb also discussed the potential of using the Kinect sensor as a security system, something Hryb believed would lead to privacy issues, what with the Kinect already being labelled by some as a spy tool. [Reddit]