This Facebook App Mimics the Way Dementia Affects the Brain

By Tom Pritchard on at

Dementia is one of the nastier memory-loss diseases that some people are faced with, and it can be difficult to understand what sufferers are going through. Alzheimer's Research UK are trying to tackle this with a Facebook app that shows people what living with dementia is like.

FaceDementia, the app in question, "takes over" your Facebook profile and erases important sections as a way of mimicking how dementia affects the human brain. Anyone who uses the app will see aspects of their profile, like photos or status updates, temporarily disappear.

The app doesn't have any access to your personal data, nor does it actually erase parts of your profile. Instead it uses an overlay to simulate the symptoms of dementia and making it appear as if your profile is slowly being erased.

Rebecca Wood, chief Executive of Alzheimer's Research UK said,

Facebook's appeal is that it can gather your friends and family and keep them close, with memories and contacts all contained within one space. It also develops a diary of your life since you joined the site and documents your thoughts and musings during that time.

We wanted to use these Facebook features to illustrate how those thoughts and memories can be confused, or forgotten altogether, as experienced by some of the hundreds of thousands of people across the UK living with dementia.

The app is live now, and in also includes videos explaining the impact dementia has on people. [BBC News]

Image Credit: BBC News