Firefox's Customisable (and Chrome-Like) Redesign is Available Now

By Robert Sorokanich on at

Mozilla just released a pretty extensive new Firefox redesign, with cleaned up visuals and some great new features. It looks pretty different from the old Firefox—and rather similar to Google Chrome—with some deep customisation options and nice integration between desktop and mobile browsers.

This newest Firefox browser (version 29) puts add-ons in a quick-access menu, and allows easy drag-and-drop customisation for your plugins and most-used features. And if you sign up for a Firefox Account, you'll be able to sync your browsing, passwords, bookmarks and tabs between your desktop or laptop and your Android mobile device.

But sorry—still no Firefox for iOS. If you're into the new update, you can download the new Firefox for Windows, Mac, or Linux right here. [Mozilla Blog via The Verge]