Flappy 2048 is the Demon Hell-Child of 2048 and Flappy Bird

By Chris Mills on at

Take the infuriating mind-puzzle of 2048, add the soul-crushing physics of Flappy Bird, and the end result? Flappy 2048, a great way to feel both dumb and malcoordinated in one short stretch of time.

The gameplay is pretty simple: you start with a 2 tile, which replaces the normal Flappy Bird. As you get through the gates (or not, in my case), you pick up more tiles, so you're trying to play 2048 whilst not hitting the walls.

In any case, if you fancy being reminded how bad at video games humans really are, you can go try it for yourself. My high score is 16; some free internet points if you can beat it. [Flappy2048 via Reddit]