Gay Jeans Reveal Rainbow Threads With Every Wash And Wear

By Jordan Kushins on at

You may think you know a pair of kjeans when you buy 'em, but denim's true character isn't revealed until your trews are well-loved, worn-in, and sudsed up a few times. Rather than just fade out like most pairs on the market—booooring—American label Betabrand's new Gay Jeans (yup) have a technicolour surprise hiding underneath the regular indigo.

Gay Jeans Reveal Rainbow Threads With Every Wash And Wear

Wish every wash, the all-over dark blue hue will lighten up and rainbow threads underneath will begin to show through. Even then, it's a actually a pretty subtle effect; you have to get up close to see how cool it looks.

Here's lead designer Steven B. Wheeler with a bit about the project:

The cheeky concept shouldn't be too-too much of a surprise coming from the San Francisco-based company that's introduced dressy yoga trousers and a whole collection of clothes made with a material they call Vagisoft (yup).

I love the idea of a wardrobe that is designed to evolve over time, and that hides—and exposes—secrets to the world the more you care for them. In any event, if you spring for these, be sure to wear them around town with pride.