Gibson's Memory Cable Will Make Sure You Never Forget Any Sweet Tunes

By Tom Pritchard on at

As musicians out there will know, some good stuff can come out of playing random chords at band rehearsal. The problem is you might end up like Tenacious D, forgetting what might well have been the greatest song in the world. Luckily Gibson have your back with a new recorder/cable combo.

The Memory Cable, as it's so aptly named, is a 1/4 inch cable with a built in audio recorder that is capable of holding 13 hours of tunes. Everything is saved to a micro SD card in 44.1kHz/16 bit resolution, which can then easily be uploaded to recording software if you think it's any good. It's compatible with pretty much everything: guitars, bass, synths, drum machines, and keyboards, so no wannabe hitmaker has an excuse not to at least think about getting hold of one.

Sadly this has only been announced for release in the USA, where it will début on 15th May priced at $100 (£60 or so). While it's hard to imagine that the cable won't be making it's way across the Atlantic at some point in the near future, there are always ways to get hold of them before then. [Engadget]

Image credit: Engadget