Google Glass is Now Literally a Lifesaving Device

By Gerald Lynch on at

You may look like a dick when you're wearing them, but a fashion faux-pas is excusable when lives are at stake. Whether you like the look of Google Glass or not, it's hard to argue against its potential usefulness when presented with this story about its lifesaving capabilities.

According to The Boston Globe, Dr. Steven Horng of the Boston Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre was treating a patient with life-threatening brain bleeding. Armed with a Google Glass headset being trialled at the hospital, Horng was able to check the patient's medical records without leaving his side. Aware that the patient had allergies that may have exacerbated his condition if treated with certain drugs -- but uncertain of which specific allergy the patient suffered from without the aid of the Glass headset's quick-access records -- Horng could isolate an effective treatment there and then, treating the man's injuries as quickly as possible, and saving his life in the process.

As a result of the event, Boston Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre will expand its usage of Google Glass, using QR codes to bring up patients' medical records. To address issues surrounding Google Glass privacy concerns, the system (using a modified version of Android by a company called Wearable Intelligence) will only let a wearer access the medical records when on the hospital's own Wi-Fi network. [Boston Globe, The Verge]