Google Testing Note-Based Chrome Favourites Upgrade

By Gary Cutlack on at

Code-analysers have discovered a new thing within Chrome, with Google testing a refreshed bookmarking system called either Google Stars or Google Collections. The idea is to jazz up bookmarks by letting users save content, add notes and build up scrapbooks of saved stuff.

Web pages you've saved with the new system will be displayed in what Google calls a "beautiful image rich grid," with the ability to share things with others -- although your saves are private by default. As well as pages, the system lets you star individual images for later viewing or scribbling your rubbish cat jokes over, which sounds like a clever way to manage results from Google's image search tool.

Meanwhile, people who inexplicably engage with brands by clicking display adverts are in for a life-changing treat, with Google revealing a plan to allow direct links to apps to appear in search results. So if an advertiser's app is on your phone or tablet, an "open" button could appear beside its paid search listing. [Google+ via TNW]