This Refresher Guide Re-Caps Game of Thrones in Spoiler-Free Detail Before Season 4 Kicks Off

By Gary Cutlack on at

US TV network HBO has had the web designers in, creating a staggering interactive guide that rips open every single episode of bizarre sex & death fantasy series Game of Thrones, as a refresher ahead of the arrival of series four a few days from now.

The interactive site, which is probably best fiddled with on a tablet thanks to its graphical layout, is one of those modern, downward-scrolling, image heavy things, with text overlaid atop pretty pictures that magically scroll a bit slower than the words, with embedded clips of cast & crew interviews, family guides, maps and much more.

There's one for each episode of the initial three seasons, Which would naturally make quite heavy on the spoilers if you haven't been making an effort to keep up with the costume saga. Thankfully, there are spoiler alerts for those that haven't been bingeing on the show. [HBO vis Mashable]