Here's the Reversible USB 3.0 Cable That You've Always Longed For

By Gerald Lynch on at

What devilry causes a USB cable to flip in your fingers as soon as you reach around to the ports on the side or back of your computer? It's like USB cables exist in a dimension all of their own, where the laws of physics don't apply, Newton caught the apple in his mouth and the concepts of "up" and "down" have been replaced with theoretical jelly.

But the days of a "This Way Up" USB cable are looking numbered, with a new "Type-C" standard being introduced this summer. With the design to be finalised in July, The Verge has now got its hands on some renders of what may be the eventual design, said to be on its way to the Foxconn factory floors. Unsurprisingly, it looks quite similar to the Apple Lightning connection, with ports that should save space on the sides of ever-slimming ultrabooks and smartphones. As for legacy gear, expect to have to cough up the dough for a fresh array of convertor adaptors if you want to take advantage of the new cable's added convenience. [The Verge]