Illuminate Your Frustration With a Giant Light-up Rubik's Cube

By Tom Pritchard on at

Ah the Rubik's Cube. That infuriating block of colours that no one can solve without pulling off the stickers, utilising some sort of black magic, or inventing a frickin' robot to solve it for them. 40 years since it was first released on an unsuspecting world, the Rubik's Cube hasn't changed a great deal, but Firebox has announced a brand new version of the infuriating puzzle -- the Rubik's Cube Light.

The Rubik's Cube Light isn't just a giant version of the cube you know and love/despise, it's also a lamp. Powered by USB, a single charge will provide you with two hours of light, whilst remaining fully playable. So whether you want something interesting to brighten up your home, or simply a new way to frustrate yourself, the Rubik's Cube Light has your back.

The Rubik's Cube Light is exclusive to Firebox, and will cost £29.99.