Intel is Haemorrhaging Money Over Mobile

By Gerald Lynch on at

The rise and rise of mobile computing is hitting Intel's bank balance hard. Fresh financial postings today reveal that the company's Mobile and Communications group, responsible for its Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular divisions, as well as its mobile processors, lost  a staggering $3.15 billion (£1,881,608,400) in 2013.

The first quarter of 2014 looks likely to continue the trend, with the company's mobile group posting an operating a loss of $929 million (£554,925,144) for the first quarter. Intel's PC and Data Centre groups are also struggling, posting losses of $2.8 billion (£1,672,540,800) and $1.3 billion (£776,536,800) respectively for the first quarter. Only the firm's Internet of Things group performed at all well, pulling in around £300,000 each quarter. [The Verge]